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transmission technology for high performance

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Next Gear = More Performance

automated multispeed transmission for electric mobility applications

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e Mobility Innovations

Nathalie by Roland Gumpert

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e Mobility

hybrid components - powertrains - chassis development

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We think about tomorrow

SALA DRIVE GmbH was founded in Grieskirchen, Austria, in 2016 as a merger between several entrepreneurs with more than 40 years’ experience in the automotive, series production and motorsport sectors. The focus is on the development of powertrains for electric mobility applications as well as conventional motors and lightweight components for series production purposes.

Design of Hybrid components

To reduce weight and costs we specialized us in development of Hybrid Components. With this technology we´re breaking limits in the vision of future applications.


Today, mobility is undergoing a fundamental transformation. The best and most efficient way to clean, CO2-neutral mobility is e-mobility. Multispeed transmission technology for the next level of e-mobility.

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Our Partners

Working with our partners that meet the automotive requirements and especially IATF 16949

Automated multispeed transmission

Electromechanical gear synchronization, which ensures the shortest torque interruptions through optimized torque and speed control of the electric drive during lightning-fast, 0.25-second gear shifts. In this way, any thermal impact by friction elements and possible wear effects on the shift components can be practically eliminated.

Max. input power: 580 kW

Different motors can be flanged to the gearbox, a maximum of 2 left and right, or only one motor left or right

Max. output torque: 7500Nm

The gearbox is suitable for a large number of vehicles. Starting with light and heavy commercial vehicles (7,5t), cars, performance- and sports cars

Mounting position: horizontal or vertical

Integrated oil pump which give us the variability of integrating the gearbox into the drive train

Dimension:535 x 240 x 370 mm

The gearbox has a significantly smaller number of individual components and therefore scores with a considerable reduction in weight and minimal installation space

More amazing details

Ratio 1st gear: 8,14 (can go up to 18)

Very fast switching times can be achieved

Ratio 2ndgear: 4,5 (can go up to 12)

Allow operation in better effiency areas

Max. operating temperature: 110°C

No material wear due to heat

Mass (dry incl. LSD): ~ 54kg

A lightweight in the category transmission systems

Lightwight shifting technology

Zero backlash electric dog clutch

Integrated parking lock

For additional safety requirements

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"A groundbreaking solution what will make the difference in e-mobility, a real performance boost what can be used in various applications."
Susan Markowez
Tech Reviewer